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This page is developed to gather the info of the bead stores around Malaysia. If you know a bead store and it's not listed yet in here, please drop me an email with the info on the store.

I just developed this page so the info is not complete yet.

Kuala Lumpur

No Name, Address, Contact Type of Beads Remark

Haby and Wools

3rd foor, Ampang Park

Mixture of Matsuno and Toho seed beads (not properly labelled to distinguished the original brands). And Mill Hills from U.S.A, (actually, it's TOHO rebranded to Mill Hills). The shop assistant doesn't know the difference in the brands or the finishes.(sorry, it's my habit to questions about beads).

10g package starts at RM5.50. 

Swarovski hot-fixed stones.

Some sequins.

The price is VERY expensive. But you can get rare finished such as metalllic (great for jewellry) and spiral shape beads. High quality beads.


Syarikat Bunga Reben

Jalan TAR & Jalan Silang 

Hundreds of variety of 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads claimed to be Miyuki Japanese Seed Beads on the plastic wrapper but I've contacted Miyuki to verify their claim.

20 grams package (price starts at RM6.60)

100 grams package (price starts at RM14.00)

Swarovski hot-fixed stones and bicone beads.

Hundreds type of sequins and plastic beads from China and Austria (all sort of shapes and colors).



Why I say it's not original Miyuki:

1) My Toho supplier told me last year, but I can't take just his word for it.

2) I've contacted Miyuki in Japan (took me months to find the email address) and Miyuki doesn't have distributor in Malaysia and asked me to send them the pictures and sample of the beads.

3) I can see that the quality of the beads in in between Matsuno and Taiwan beads. Miyuki's quality is comparable or better than Toho.

4) I've surveyed Miyuki Delicas price in Singapore during my trip there. Miyuki delicas price is a whopping S$120 for 1lb!

5) Back in March 07, I went to the brach in Jalan Silang. The salesgirls are packing the seed beads at the front counter. I saw the inventory sheet on the counter, and guess what it said: MGB beads!!! (to the uninitiate, MGB = Matsuno)

Jusco Midvalley, Maluri and Wangsa Maju

All TOHO beads. 10 grams of 11/0 at RM4.60 and 10g of 15/0 at RM6.90.


My introduction to Japanese seed beads beads began at Jusco. So, 'SALUTE'.

Selayang Baru

only Selayang Baru people know this place, so it's fruitless to describe the location here.


Package of 7-8grams at RM2.50 each. If buy 5, can get at RM2 each.

Sequins, pearl and rice beads. 

My first Matsuno supplier. Thanks for the 1 year experience living in Selayang Baru back in 2001.


Opposite Kotaraya, near the big junction. Look for Guardian, it's along that street.

 Matsuno (MGB):

Retail: RM5 / 15g.

Big packages of 100g and more are also available.

What I like about Macy is they put the bead numbering/code on the price label. And the code is the same code produced by Matsuno (just like how I coded my beads). For example, my 033 round Light Gold 11/0 is the same as Macy 033 11/0.